Sliding Into Summer

What a beautiful week we have had here in Central NH!  Warm summer days and afternoon showers.  Weekend fun and sports schedules are in full swing, the children are preparing for competitions and recitals,and of course tball and softball!  The daylight is increase each evening as we approach the summer solstice and the children's energy is high!

The hectic rhythm of life carries over into the classroom this time of year as we try to get everything we wanted to do and learn together in.  Yet, even during the crazy moments of the last week, we have been able to slow down a bit and enjoy a few seasonal delights.  Last week we read about worms and their importance to the earth and soil and this week Mrs. Sharp brought her traveling worms to school!  

Last Thursday, the children planted Zinnias and Cosmos in egg cartons.  With the beautiful warm sunshine of our front windows, it only took the seeds three days to germinate!  We now have a window filled with seedlings.  The egg cartons will make transplanting these into your garden beds at home very simple.  If you don't have garden space, they will do great in a container on the deck.

Gardening is much like teaching, you take a precious little seed and you tend it all through the winter, watching it very carefully, studying it for change, fertilizing on occasion and then before you know it, the month of June arrives and you no longer have seedlings, but beautiful little flowers full of joy.

Two of our little 'flowers' brought us bouquets this week.  Aren't they sweet?

We'll all take a breath - enjoy the cool air after the rainstorms and slide into summer!