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Jennifer Macdonald - Director/Founder, nature based educator

Jennifer is the Founder and Director of Heart Centered Multi-Age.  Jennifer Started Heart Centered Multi-Age in the fall of 2011.  It was her desire to bring quality, nature based learning to the children of the Newfound Area.  

In June of 2019, the traditional day programming offered at Heart Centered Multi-Age came to an end as Jennifer saw the need to bring nature based play and learning to all children. In the summer of 2019 Heart Centered Multi-Age transitioned to an organization committed to educating parents, teachers, administrators and children in the benefits of weekly Forest Days.

Jennifer  received her BS in Education with a Special Education certificate and a BA in History from Keene State College.  Jennifer has continue her own educational journey at Antioch University, in their Nature Based Early Childhood Education department.   During the last 17 years Jennifer has taught in various public and private school settings.  Her experience has confirmed her beliefs that each child can and will learn at the developmentally appropriate times.  She understands the importance of nurturing the whole child as they employ all of their senses in learning through thematic and interdisciplinary studies.