Teacher Netta's Notes - Rhyming

Hello HCMA families! Welcome to a new week!

Throughout the year we have talked about rhyming. We have discussed concepts such as how words rhyme, what to look at when comparing rhyming words, listening to ending sounds, etc. Therefore, a new work has been added to our shelves that practices rhyming (with more on the way)! 

This new work encompasses rhyming knowledge, fine motor movement, letter recognition, and writing skills. The children are first challenged to find and match the rhyming words that they have laid out in front of them. I encouraged them to say the words, since each card has pictures, and to listen and decide if the endings sounded the same. If they couldn't tell or figure out from listening, I had them look at the way the endings were spelled and compare them that way. 

After their cards were matched, their next task was to practice their fine motor movement and letter recognition through writing. We have had many writing opportunities throughout the year and I am so thrilled how far the kids have come when forming letters, with their organization, and neatness. As an end of the year challenge, I split one of our writing pages in half, with a line down the middle. As can see from the pictures, the child is encouraged to pair their rhyming words together and write them in the boxes next to one another. The boxes are now significantly smaller however, since I broke them in half. These smaller boxes challenge the students to write smaller and more concisely, instead of with big letters and big spaces in between their letters. Being able to write smaller will help the kids as they progress with writing sentences and having legible work. 

We will work on rhyming with specific works until the last day of school which is only ten days away! I can't believe it! Have a great rest of the week! I hope to see you all on Sunday!