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Place Based Education for Young Children

Heart Centered Multi-age



A Brief History

Heart Centered Multi-Age was founded by Jennifer MacDonald, a local mother and teacher in 2011.  It was a family and community effort to open the doors that first fall.  Like so many great things, a group of moms began discussing the need for educational options in the summer of 2010, with dedicated parents who painted, moved furniture, and hung signs, Heart Centered Multi-Age opened its doors in August of 2011, one day after Hurricane Irene made her way through New England and provided us with our first ever August, "No School Day!"

In that first year, there was only one teacher and six children.  Over the past six years HCMA has grown to offer multi-age instruction to nearly 100 children and has expanded to include a Nature Based Preschool option, for our youngest learners, in collaboration with the Slim Baker Foundation for Outdoor Education.

Providing families with choice and children with a childhood that meets their physical and emotional needs continues to be the hallmark of a Heart Centered Multi-Age education.



The Mission

Children at Heart Centered Multi-Age will learn through their senses in an environment that supports their natural curiosity.  Through connections with peers, teachers and community children will develop their own unique potential that will further motivate their exploration of their world.  Children at Heart Centered Multi-Age will explore and discover in an environment which promotes honesty, generosity and harmonious living with each other and nature.

Upcoming Events

Want to learn more about Heart Centered Multi-Age and Nature Preschool?   Join us at an upcoming Open House.

Saturday, April 14th from 10 until 12

Saturday, May 19th from 10 until 12

Teachers and parents will be available to chat with you about all the benefits of a Heart Centered education.  Tours to our Nature Preschool site will also be available.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Matters of the Heart

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Notes From the Naturalist

Enjoy weekly updates from our resident naturalist at Nature Preschool.

In the Beginning

Our school opened in 2011! Enjoy all of our previous blog posts.  

Play is the highest form of research
— Albert Einstein
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