And The Sign Goes Up!

I must start today by thanking my husband who has done all of the ‘grunt’ work associated with transforming this building into the beautiful school it is today!  He has spent weekends working on the bathroom, replacing trim, smashing his head on a rafter in the basement,  hanging bulletin boards and chalkboards and various other jobs that were simply beyond my ability!  He has met me at school numerous times after work to do this or that for me.  For all of his help I am truly thankful.  I am also so very grateful for the wonderful friendship of Scott and Deanna Sanchagrin.  Whenever we have needed a hand, painting, moving furniture, and now putting up the sign, these folks have been there to help us!  Entering into this venture, I knew that it would be a community effort to move this vision forward into a reality, and it has been, thanks to families and friends of the school, who understand our mission and dream and have been there to help us move toward it! 

So while the first day of school is still over a month away, and there are still many things to be done in the classroom to prepare for that day, putting the sign up last night made it all seem very real!  Heart Centered Multi-Age is here, and with continued support of parents and families who are looking for something a bit more holistic for their children, our school will continue to grow!

Like all projects done at school so far, there had to be at least one unforeseen problem.  Last night the weather threatened in the background as my husband and Scott hastened to get the sign up.  The sky was growing black and the wind was picking up as both men looked at each other, perched atop metal ladders, and said, “Was that lightening?”  Priceless!  Despite the wind and sprinkles they rushed forward getting the sign up before the downpour!


Notice the help coming from below!


Before the camera battery died, I got this one shot of the finished project!