July 15th Newsletter

Living in New England, where the seasons are ever so short (well maybe winter is a bit long), we are used to squeezing every inch of fun into summer.  This has been characteristic of summer at Heart Centered Multi-Age too!  The classroom continues to have work done to it and is slowly morphing into a beautiful space for learning!  If our space was a butterfly, I would say, it is wiggling inside of its chrysalis, prepare to unfurl its wings and fly!

The end of June saw installation of new windows and two guest appearances from Miss Mary of Lakes Region Music Together.  Miss Mary sang and had great fun on two separate mornings with groups of young children and their Mamas!   Miss Mary will be providing weekly music class to the students in our school this fall.  We cannot wait to sing with her!

Students and friends of HCMA enjoying the Fourth of July Parade!

June also saw the start of story hour at Heart Centered Multi-Age.  So far we have discovered the interesting world of moose and beaver living in a swamp and monarch butterfly.  Story hour will continue to run through August.  Check the school website under events for more information.


Perfect parade weather fell upon us the day of the Fourth of July festivities in Bristol!  The sky was bright blue with plenty of sunshine, but a pleasant breeze kept temperatures bearable for the march down Pleasant Street for Heart centered Multiage’s students, families and friends!  The Theme of the parade was things Newfound, so we put together a camping/exploring float with children discovering all of the wonderful benefits of attending class at Heart Centered Multi-Age, including full day kindergarten, community service, and outings and trips.   Our float, adorned with the cutest children in town, was awarded second prize by the Bristol Lions Club.  We had a wonderful time!


Last Wednesday was an exciting day for us as our new sign was mounted to the building!  The sign, which was designed by Ron Costa of Jefferson, depicts our beloved monarch butterfly and introduces our program to all driving by.  It you haven’t seen the sign yet, take a trip downtown and check it out!


In July, current Heart Centered Multi-Age students can earn a $100 tuition credit for themselves and for the student they refer.  Inquire for more details!

It seems classrooms never have enough bookshelves!  Heart Centered Multi-Age is still looking for a few more wooden shelves to add to our classroom.  If you should stumble upon any, please let us know.

Have you been thinking about cleaning out your attic or basement?  The toy space at Heart Centered Multi-Age is growing, but donations of used toys would be greatly appreciated.  Unlike the Toddler Room in the movie Toy Story, we will give your used toys a wonderful home!!