Teacher Netta's Notes

Hello HCMA families! I can't believe we are already onto a new week! April is just around the corner as well as that warm weather!

As for this week, I introduced an activity that has been prepared and waiting in our closet for a long time. As a new addition to our literacy shelf, this work includes toilet paper rolls and ping-pong balls. On the toilet paper rolls I have written the uppercase letters of the alphabet and on the ping-pong balls, the lowercase letters. 

This work is fairly simple but practices some great skills. The child completing this work must match the uppercase and lowercase letters and drop the ping-pong ball into the toilet paper roll it corresponds with. While this work practices letter recognition, it also practices control and fine motor movement by having to drop the ping-pong balls into the toilet paper rolls without bumping or tipping both materials over.   

I have split up this work into two sets, one with the first half of the alphabet, and the second set with the other half because working with 26 toilet paper rolls and 26 ping pong balls on one surface could get crowded and overwhelming. This way, two students can use the work at the same time as well!

The kids have taken great interest in this work so far and love using the ping-pong balls and toilet paper rolls since they are both new materials we haven't really used this year. 

I hope this week has started off well for everyone! Have a great rest of your week!