The Earth Goes 'Round the Sun!

Birthday's are a big deal around HCMA!  We dig out the birthday banner and unpack the birthday ring and celebrate our friends!  We sing our special birthday song, which helps children acquire an early understanding of the Earth's rotation around the sun.  It goes like this. . .

Birthday Song

The Earth goes ‘round the Sun,

The Earth goes ‘round the Sun,

The Earth goes around the Sun and “so and so” is one.

Continue to the age of the child.

We use beeswax candles in our birthday ring, and they smell so sweet.  The children have become so fond of smelling them, that I had to caution them about getting too close and getting beeswax on their little noses!  One very practical young man did point out to the sniffy little crowd, that he had a stuffy nose and he could still smell the beeswax!  So sensible.


On this bitterly cold, December, day our birthday girl looked like she just strolled out of a Jan Brett book!  Her smile warmed our room!  We have one more December birthday to celebrate in 2014 and then it is on to 2015!  Stay warm today!