Teacher Netta's Notes

Since Christmas is just around the corner, this week I created a construction paper Christmas tree as an embellishment on one of our walls. I also cut out many paper light bulbs in all different colors for each child to help decorate our tree. 


To complete this activity, the child counts how many letters they have in their name and then picks the amount of bulbs they would need for each letter. Depending on the age and ability of the child, the student either wrote a letter on each bulb independently or I wrote it for them in pencil which they traced over in marker. After all the letters were depicted on the light bulbs, I invited each child to decorate their bulbs with dots or stripes for example, as long as they did not cover their letters. We then added tape on the back of the bulbs and the child got to place their bulbs on our paper Christmas tree. Each child was extremely thrilled to put their light bulbs on the tree by themselves.


As can be seen by the picture, our tree is not completely filled! We still have more names to add on our tree which we will be encouraging as an activity for the rest of the week and maybe into the beginning of next week. I hope all of your holiday preparations have been just as exciting as ours have been!

Jennifer MacDonaldComment