What Was New This Week

A few bits of snowflakes still find their way into our daily work!  This child is working on long vowels with the 'magic e' at the end.  It is so fun to watch and listen to the 5/6 year old brain think through this work. "Let's see, bak, what is bak, no bake!"  They are learning so much all the time!

Isn't this poem just perfect for March?  We had a few really warm days last week, when mom's let children leave school without their coats!  But before they knew it, it was mitten weather!  

The words written on the index cards are the sight word or high frequency words that we are working on this month.

Strengthening those hand muscles and exploring with patterns.  Over, under, over, under etc!

Pre-writing activity.  Strengthening hand muscles and preparing for writing.