Well mud season is upon us, and while there is some terrific spring skiing out there, we found ourselves trying out ice skating!  A couple of the children had skated before, but most had not.  They were each so excited to give it a try and within a few minutes they were giving up their crates and trying their legs solo! 

It is a bit of a joke at school, that the kids could eat non-stop.  They seem to always be hungry.   This day was no different, except that they became hungry more quickly than usual!  We ate lunch right before we left school and after about 40 minutes of skating they were all ready to eat again!  Thank goodness we packed snacks and water bottles!  After a quick break to refuel, and shed their jackets, they were off and skating again! 

Thank you to our parent volunteer!  We couldn’t do all of these fun outings without the constant support of our amazing parents!

I apologize for the blurry pictures.  They were moving, I was moving. . .  they just didn't come out so well!