Boom Boom Revolution

Wow, February has snuck up on us!  But have you noticed the amount of daylight increasing?  We will take it!  As I write this, it is 4:38 in the afternoon and the sun is just setting on the bricks of the bank across the street!  I love February!  I always remember my Grandfather telling me as a child, that by February I would start noticing the return of daylight, and every February when the daylight does return I think of him.

Not only does the daylight return in February, but Valentine’s Day comes too!  This year as a class we are celebrating a month of friendship in February with a little “party” on Valentine’s Day.  The children can bring a special snack to share that day and we will exchange our Valentines with each other.

In addition to this one day of friendship, we are going to celebrate friends and kindness all month long with the Boom Boom Revolution!  Your student will be bringing home a Boom Boom card.  The card will have them and or your whole family if you wish, do something special and kind for another or the planet.  For example “Hand make a card for a friend or relative who lives far away and mail it to them.”  Once your family has completed the challenge you go online to to record your good dead, then you pass the card on to someone new.  Once the new person completes the act of kindness and logs the card on the website we will then be able to watch our acts of kindness spread around the world.  The tag line for the Boom Boom Revolution is “The uprising of guerilla goodness.”  I think that this will be a wonderful home/school project and I can’t wait to watch the website as our kindness spreads across the globe!

Boom Boom Revolution Mission Control Station!

Stay tuned for more information, you will need a few more details before you are able to log in, but in the mean time, help your child come up with a few suggestions for a team name.  Today the children threw out a few ideas such as the Kindness Forever Team and the Kind Multi-Age!  Perhaps your creativity can help us come up with a great team name!