100 Day Collections

Legos rule supreme at HCMA.  We build legos, talk legos, have action figure play with legos!  We love legos, so this 100th day collection fits in nicely around here!  This motivated mathematician sorted his collection into groups of twenty!  When this student finished his labeling quickly, he helped the others with sorting, organizing and writing number labels.  I especially like the team work that went into solving the problem with the Candy Corn collection.  Seems one Candy Corn was consumed, leaving only 99 for sorting.  The children decided to split one Candy Corn in half, making 100 pieces again.  Problem solved!

This mathematician decided to be industrious and sort his work into groups of 5!  All went according to plan until the last group of 5. . .  seems Cheerios don't travel all that well in the hands of a rambunctious 5 year old (and they taste good too) so the last few Cheerios were a little crumpled!  All finished well though, we decided that the last little pile looked like it would have been five Cherrios!

Pecans from Texas!

I especially like this collection!  Inside the little cups are M&Ms.  We had to put them in cups because this section of the classroom is especial crooked and the floor slopes downward!  Thus the table slopes too (try sitting in a children's chair on the sloped side, to eat your lunch. . . . ) so to keep the M&M's from rolling we had to dig out the cups.  What is so special about this collection is the labels.  The child was very concerned about all of his friends receiving their fair share of M&Ms, notice the labels made with everyone's name!  Very fair indeed!  

If you are in the neighborhood this weekend, we would love to see you at our Open House.  It is Saturday at 10! See you there!