Ski Day!

How can it be that it is only the middle of February and our ski program is over?  We skied through icy days, powder days, and cold days, but now that the great skiing is here, our program is over.  A sad reality, but we had a wonderful day last Friday soaking up the spring conditions and making beautiful turns together!

The ski program would not have been possible without the great parents at HCMA helping out.  Not only was it essential to have parent volunteers to get us and all of our gear to the Mountain, it was also essential to have these parents to get us all safely up the lift!  A very special thank you to Sarah who accompanied us each and every week!  

Look at the beautiful corduroy behind the girls!  The conditions were just perfect his last week.  Perhaps we will be able to find spring sking specials to get us out on the hill again!

Happy Boys!

These pictures were all taken while the children warmed up and waited for their instructor in the magic carpet area.    After working with our ski coach to make big turns across the entire mountain we ventured up the six pack!

The view from the top was fantastic!