A Note From Mrs. Broome!

I've got to say, a day spent with the little friends at HCMA does the heart good! Every week I learn something new and unique about each child and what makes him/her "tick". Together, they are a happy little family that cares, works and plays! To know these kids is to love them.

Did you know that the past few Wednesdays we've been on an exploration of creatures of the night? We've become familiar with many fascinating animals that wake up and roam around at night while we're asleep! HCMA's special focus has been on BATS. The kids have uncovered many myths about these peaceful creatures and the important role that they play in our environment!

Let's check YOUR "bat-titude"....

Myth or Fact?
Bats are blind.
A bat can eat up to 6,000 mosquitoes in one night.
Bats are mean and ugly creatures that want to get tangled in your hair.
Bats are the only mammal that can fly.
Bats are a sign of good luck in China.

Ask your child to tell you about:
- The "b-at mobile"
- Our Trees and Moths Echolocation 
- The Reading Cave
- Bat Jeopardy

Be on the look-out for the kids' two latest publications: THE COSTUME PARADE and BATS AT NIGHT!

All good thoughts!
Mrs. Broome