A Show, A Vote, & A Birthday!

What a wonderful week!  How busy we have been of late.  The kids have hit their learning strides and our days are filled to the brim with learning and fun.  Monday found us on our way to the Capitol Center for the Arts for a little Eric Carle fun!  We had the pleasure of seeing a trio of Eric Carle's best stories performed by the Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia. The players did an amazing job with this show, the puppets made with foam and florescent paint, accented by a black light were delightful!

Watch some of the show here.

Tuesday was voting day!  Our location in town allowed us to hike up to the polls before recess.  We had read a story about voting and talked about the importance of voting at morning meeting.  Having 10 children in class made it easy to illustrate the point that every vote matters.  If 5 of the children voted for one canidate, and the other five voted for another, well there would be a tie and then Teacher Jen's vote would be very important.

We were greeted at the polls by Mr. Gordon.  He gave us a tour of the voting site and described how each part of the process works.  The children were very interested and delighted to receive "I voted" stickers.  A special thank you to Mr. Gordon and all of the folks who were so welcoming to us at the polls.

We also celebrated a wonderful fifth birthday on Tuesday.  Birthday's are so important to children, as they mark the passage of time.  At HCMA the children follow tradition as they put up the birthday banner and unpack the birthday circle.  The green and white tablecloth is draped over the table, the globe placed near the candles, left for the birthday boy to assemble!  Didn't he do a great job?  The earth has gone 'round the sun five times for this young man! 

Birthday Song

The Earth goes ‘round the Sun,

The Earth goes ‘round the Sun,

The Earth goes around the Sun and “so and so” is one.

Continue to the age of the child.