Profile Falls

One of our students is diligent about giving us the weather report.  He checks the weather online making sure that Friday's weather will be acceptable for outings!  Earlier in the week he had reported that Friday would be sunny but cool.  We all dressed in layers, but this first day of true fall air caught us all by surprise!  Despite feeling a little chilly, we still had a wonderful time at Profile Falls.

Natalie McCormack from the Army Corp of Engineers met us at the park.  She hiked with us up to the Fall and showed us pictures of the community of Profile Falls which once inhabited that area.  Natalie pointed out to the children the site of a few old cellar holes along the way.  Natalie and her fellow Ranger were gracious enough to bring along a few animal mounts to teach the children about animal adaptations in the changing seasons.  The children learned how beavers, fishers, coyotes, turkeys and bears all ready themselves for winter.  We joked that perhaps we had not made the necessary adaptations for winter, as we all shivered in the shade and cool breeze blowing across the field.

Getting up close and personal with this two year old black bear was the highlight of the morning.  Notice the scar on the bear's forehead.  This bear was hit by a car.

Pretending to be butterflies. Lying on their backs, shaped like a J, they are ready to turn into a chrysalis. Running around with their colorful wings unfurled, butterflies have emerged!

A very special thank you to Ranger Natalie McCormack and Mrs. S for helping us with our trip to Profile Falls!