Progress - 1 Month In!

While there have been days when it seemed nothing was getting done. . . After one month, I can see progress!

We are far from finished, but a classroom is taking shape.  A few more rugs and bookshelves are coming.  I can't wait to start organizing the shelves and activities for the children.

Many boxes remain full of supplies, but things are slowly finding a home.  A certain little lady took this picture for me!

Now that the classroom is presentable with a place for friends and families to sit, we will be offering a few upcoming events.  On June 15th at 10 and again on July 6th at 10, Mary Farley of Lakes Region Music Together will be offering free music classes for local children.  All are welcome!  The program is most suited for children 6 and under.  We would love to see you there.