"A Moose of a Tale" Story Hour Week One

Tuesday was a wonderful morning for the kick off of our summer story hour series! 

We read two great books about Moose.  Beaver Pond Moose Pond by Jim Arnosky took us into the depths of the forest to a secluded woodland pond where many animals consider one pond to be THEIR pond! 

Moose and Beaver were followed up with a a special rendition of the 'hokey pokey' moose style  and the very silly story, Looking for a Moose.

This fun book by Phyllis Root turned the children into detectives searching for moose while hiking.  A bit of a tongue twister, but a favorite of all!


We ended our time together by making moose puppets!  I shared with the children that as a child growing up in the northern part of NH, seeing a moose was a daily occurrence. I remember often seeing a lumbering moose early in the morning while on the school bus.  Unfortunately, these children have yet to see a real moose, so their puppets will have to do!

Please consider joining us at story hour this summer.  We will meet again next Tuesday, the 5th at 10am.  If you think you might like to attend, just drop an email to heartcenteredmultiage@hotmail.com and let us know.  This will insure we have have plenty of supplies! 

Happy summer days, see you next week!