December Poem and Sight Words

“Christmas Wreaths”

 Christmas wreaths

 Are fat and round

 Made of woodsy things

 We found.


 We tied brown cones

 Upon the green

 And stuck red berries

 In between.

  Upon the wreath for our front door

   We tied red ribbon from a store.

The children have seemed a bit lost the last few days.  They wonder past the blue chart that usually is the home to the monthly poem, and look at it longingly!  They've asked me several times to teach them the new poem (which I just transcribed onto sentence strips yesterday).  My answer each time they've asked has been the same, "We'll do it on December first."  They smile and continue on their way!  

I have come to learn that December first is a very big day when you are five!  It officially means that Christmas is truly coming!  It is the day that you get to start your "chocolate calendar" and really kick this decorating into high gear!  Perhaps it is such a big day to the children, because all year, whenever they ask about Christmas, we tell them, "You've got a ways to go it is only July, Christmas is not until December!"  Either way, the children are very excited and I must admit it is rubbing off on me too!

My camera has had a dead battery since the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I used up the last of the juice videoing my 16 month old niece'reading' after dinner.  She was absolutely adorable!  While I might be bias I little bit, she was awful cute and they way she intently looked at each page and made these noises as if she was reading would warm any reading teacher's heart!  So long and short of it, I don't have any pictures to share with this post!  I must remember to take the camera and charger with me this morning in order to have pictures for tomorrow's post.

Here is the list of words we will be practicing in our December poem.  Some of them are repeats, but there are plenty of new ones too!  

Our, and, of, we, upon, the, in, from, a

Have a wonderful Thursday!