Sight Word Practice


The year has turned its circle.

The seasons come and go.

The harvest is all gathered in,

and chilly north winds blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,

the fields, their yellow grain.

So open wide the doorway,

Thanksgiving comes again!

One of the ways we practice sight words (high frequency words) is through our monthly poetry piece.  Each morning the children are asked to choose a word from an index card with a sight word written on it, and post it in the correct spot in the poetry piece.  The children are doing a wonderful job learning November's poem and their sight words.

Sight words we are working on currently.

the, has, come, go, is, in, have, their

Sight words previously introduced.

a, and, the, is, had, on

For those who would like more resources on sight words and sight word practice click here.

While we are talking about language development.  The children and I have decided to change our morning routine of practicing initial sounds with the sound puppets.  We would like to have a picture of as many of our family members as possible with different initial sounds at the beginning of their names.  We have several of the sounds covered just with the students in our room.  No repeats!!  If you would graciously send in a photograph of members in your family, we would greatly appreciate it!  We will reinforce our initial sounds with these pictures each day!