Rounding Out the Week!

Wow, how mother nature likes to tease us!  A week ago we had snow on the ground and this week has just been filled with one beautiful day after another!  This late fall sun warms a teacher's heart in more ways than one!  It will be a long winter, and we are sure to have lots of fun in it, but oh how wonderful it has been to get out and play without the added mittens to adjust, zippers to zip, hats to tie and boots to pull on!  

Today might just have been the best day of school we have had!  The children have settled into to a nice period of concentration since departing from the craziness of Halloween.  They are so focused on their learning and preparing for their Thanksgiving program.  I told them again and again today, just how proud of them I was.  

I forgot my camera at school today.  I wanted to upload a few pictures of recent work, but that will have to wait. Here are a few shots from the week of Halloween!  Enjoy.