The Perfect Choice

You will have to excuse the blurry pictures this week.  Perhaps it is time for a new phone, or a fancy camera for documenting these beautiful children.  There are so many options!


This child is working on 1 to 1 correspondence with large, cinnamon scented, pine cones.   Children have favorite works that they are drawn to everyday, but new Holiday themed work always encourages the children to take risks and try out new and different works.  


These children worked as a team to do the 100s board.  Early in the week it took them almost the entire work period to complete this challenging work.  By the end of the week they were able to do it in minutes!  It is so important to tell them how proud we are of their efforts in accomplishing a difficult talks.  While we'll all slip and comment how smart they are, it is important to always praise them on the effort and work that went into a task.  We are not born smart, we work at it!  To learn more about Growth Mindset click here.


This child spent the morning working with the Montessori Beads and addition.  The child put two beads together and found their sum.  Older children are encouraged to write down the equation on recording paper.  This can be challenging.  Think of all of the skills needed to do this.  You must be able to write all of your numbers.  You must be understand the plus and equal sign and finally, you must be able to count on or add!  So much happening in one work.  Don't forget the wonderful fine motor work that is happening when the child chooses to color the recording sheet!  Such determination!


The Moveable Alphabet is so much fun to work with that it peaks the curiosity of all the children.  Children who might not be at the stage to sound out CVC words can still use the work to find beginning sounds.  The children's intrinsic motivation will quickly lead to sounding out whole words!

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