October is Here!

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Many of the works are now themed around the month of October.  There will be no more September calendars finding their way home!  Calendars are a wonderful and organic way for children to practice number formation.  The children love to color them, and enjoy tracing the numbers without even knowing they are 'working'.  The children especially enjoy placing stickers on the calendar for special days such as holidays and birthdays.  This small practice allows children to gain a sense of time, something that is so difficult for young children.

Other October themed work includes the pumpkin number bonds above.  This tray shows number bonds to 10.  The child knows that there are 10 pumpkin seeds on the mat and they must find the number bond that makes 10 given 1 of the numbers.  You know that your classroom is moving along nicely when you notice children choosing to do work during their free choice time or when a child who you did not expect to choose the work, picks it up and begins practicing with it.  This is the true benefit of multi-age.  Children do not have to work at a prescribed pace, if they are ready for something, they simply move on to it.  If they need more practice with a skill, they simply keep working at it until they are ready!  Why multi-age is amazing!

We have been practicing our letter sounds with Ms. Heidi daily as well as spending some extra time on the letter formation of 'f' and 'b'.  You may have noticed children bring home papers where they have colored pictures of items starting with the letter f or b.  We encourage the children who are ready to try their hand at writing these letters too.  The older children have nearly filled their first writing journal and are looking forward to starting another!  We will keep these journals at school until the end of the year as a portfolio of learning!

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