Just Like That. . .

Welcome to our new website!  I sat down to share these pictures with you last week and became so frustrated with the old site, that I knew I just had to fix it!  It is not perfect and does not have all of the content that it should have, but it is coming together.  I hope that you will find it easy to navigate.  Change is hard, but we'll get the hang of this new site soon enough!

The kids are doing wonderfully settling in.  Everyone is trying new and challenging work and making leaps and bounds in their independence!  This coming week, the children will notice that some of the works that were more play based, such as a basket of Legos, have been replaced with more traditional works.  I put out works such as Legos, and easy puzzles in the beginning so that everyone can find something they are comfortable with at the start.  The goal of the first few weeks is to build routine and concentration.  The children now know how to get out their work rugs and begin work.  Each and every day the children are building their concentration as they work for longer and longer periods.  Last week, near the end of one work period, I looked around and everyone was busily working!  Here are some shots from that day.


I hope that everyone was a wonderful week.  It looks like we are going to be treated to another week of beautiful weather.  We will take it!

Jennifer MacDonaldComment