Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Practicing using a work rug.  Every child can take a work from the shelf to the table or the floor to work.  If the child chooses to work on the floor, they must lay out a work rug.  Work rugs help designate each person's personal working space.

Working at the table with an art mat.  We looked at all of our beautiful new supplies and talked about what we needed to do to keep them beautiful all year long.  Snap the caps all the way on the markers, put items away where they belong, etc.  We will keep working on this for many weeks to come.

Learning the routine of the day is a huge piece of the first few weeks of school.  Learning that you must complete one work before starting another.  Learning to put the work back on the proper shelf and choosing work that you have already had a lesson in are huge pieces of the first weeks of school.

At morning meeting this week, we talked about kindness for our classroom, teachers, and friends.  We read several stories about children learning to be kind at school and being good friends.  We talked about Mean Jean the Recess Queen (a perenial favorite) and the Monsters who were worried about going to school but soon found out that school was a lot of fun.  We read Diane the Turtle's New Found Joy and talked about all of the kind folks in our community that make our school and town so special.

We also have spent some time discussing germs.  As you can imagine, germs are a big deal with little folks running around with their fingers into everything!  We talked about the importance of hand washing and coughing into your elbow.  We will continue the germ disscussion throughout the school year.

We hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend and look forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday.

Jennifer MacDonaldComment