A September Gift

Our New England summer was a little wet this year.  Seemed we never strung a whole week of warm dry weather together, however, as happens so often in NH, we've been given a wonderful September to make up for it!  Though rain was in the forecast last week, we escaped with just a little misting and had plenty of fun together outside.  

These are the years filled with big accomplishments.  Some of the children who could not pump the swing when they arrived are now masters.  A few have taken on the challenge of the monkey bars.  This constant sense of accomplishment spills over into the classroom as I watch the children take new risks with their work as their confidence and independence increases.

Working on number recogintion and quanities to 10.

Number recognition and quantities with playdough.

Parts of a fish puzzle.

Exploring at the top of Inspiration Point.



Jennifer MacDonaldComment