Learning to Concentrate

We cannot be successful in any endeavor until we learn to focus and concentrate.  The number one goal of the first week of school is teach children how to use a work rug that will define their work space.  Children learn how to properly get a rug out, carefully place their work on it and see their work through to the end.  Children learn that rug space is precious and that you can't enter another's work space without being invited!

We also spent time at morning circle discussing friendship and what it means to be a good friend.  We added a friendship bracelet work to the shelves so that the children could make bracelets for each other.  We also introduced the Peace Rose and a process for problem solving and finding peace.  The children could then make a flower of their own.  Perhaps you found a little paper flower that came home from school.  Enourage your child to use the rose when they are problem solving at home.


Jennifer MacDonaldComment