Teacher Kasia's Notes


It's been an exciting start to the new school year for everyone! Getting to know all the children has been really fun- their personalities are all really starting to shine now that a few weeks of school have gone by. I really have to say that joining the team at Heart Centered Multi Age has been amazing. Teacher Jen puts so much passion into teaching, and the excitement that Teacher Megan has with the kids is contagious.
I spend Wednesday's with the preschool/K/Grade 1 class at HCMA. It's my intention to incorporate lessons in kindness and compassion each week during circle time... along with yoga and learning about ways to help calm our bodies and minds using our breath.  

This week during circle time we read a book called "The Teddy Bear" written by David McPhail. It's a story about a boy who learns about compassion by losing his teddy bear and then after finding it, realizing how special it really is to someone else. The children all shared about things they've lost, and we talked about how hard it can be to give something away that is so special to us. 

We also create a classroom "mandala" during circle time, using special stones. A question is asked to the children and they each take turns answering the question, and adding their stone to a bowl to create a class mandala. This week's question was: "What does being a good friend mean to you?"

After the stones are all placed in the bowl, we put the it near the window- sending all our good energy and thoughts out to share with others and to remind us all week long about being a good friend. The question each week will change, and new concepts will be introduced about compassion and kindness. 

The Nature Preschoolers are a special bunch! They have so much energy and excitement- I love Tuesday's and Thursday's with them. Teacher Jenne, and Teacher Deanna are such special educators and are great to work alongside. The preschoolers have been busy "learning as they go" so to speak. 

This age group is so present in the moment that even the most intense moments dissipate quickly and there's so much forgiveness and gentleness that follows. As we continue to explore the newness of the classroom space and the outdoors, the kids are constantly learning how to use their words to be kind and helpful. It's really a year that will be full of social-emotional learning and development. We've been learning songs, hiking on trails, finding bugs, feeling moss in our hands and playing with new friends. 
If you ever have questions about what's happening at NPS, please reach out to one of the teachers. We have lots of ideas for open ended art projects, kindness helpers, and natural discovery for these kiddos this year. We'll be updating you all each week with topics we're exploring.
The next few weeks we will be talking about what being a good friend means. We'll also be sending out a booklist every few weeks to explore some books we've been reading with the kids. So stay tuned- there's lots to come! And if there are any parents that have special skills- carpentry, cooking, painting, music, etc feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to incorporate special days during the year when you come to share your skills with the children.