This week we spent time learning about the word "Patience". The kids had great ideas of what the word means- saying "waiting", "not talking when someone asks you to stop." We talked about what it means to take our time, not rush and to wait our turn for something. To demonstrate this concept, we used the Ice Cube experiment. We put an ice cube into a bowl during circle time and watched how it slowly began to melt. The ice cube melting can't be rushed- we just had to wait patiently while the process unfolded. The kids loved watching it turn to water. They said if we put it under light it would melt faster, and how the water can freeze again if we put it back into the freezer. They are all budding scientists! We froze the water twice on a Wednesday and each time they watched the ice melt they were so fascinated and amazed. 

Each Wednesday we will be exploring new yoga poses using "The ABC's of Yoga for Kids" deck of cards. This week was letter B. The kids practiced using the letter sound for "B" and came up with words that start with that letter. We turned our bodies into balloons, balls, bunny rabbits, and boats... and even successfully did a partner yoga pose all together! 

We ended circle time by making our classroom Mandala, reminding each other that we are all friends and all here as a team, so everyone's ideas and words matter. The children picked a special stone and answered: "What does being good friend mean?" I noticed how each child was more thoughtful with their answers this week, and am excited to see how they continue to grow throughout the year. 


Jennifer MacDonaldComment