New Sand!

Have we ever had a fall as beautiful as this one?  While we desperately need the rain (and perhaps the weekend has some in store for us) we can't complain about the amazing weather we have had this fall.  While we don't let a little rain slow us down, it has been delightful to play and explore surrounded by all these beautiful colors and in a sweatshirt no less!

This week we discovered that a new load of beautiful sand had been delivered to playground.  Clean, smooshy, delightful sand!  

It warmed my heart to watch the teamwork happening at the swing set this week.  The swings are a little high for us, so it is not uncommon to see one friend crouched down on the ground while another one uses them as a step to leap onto the swing!  These girls were having a grand time pushing each other and 'flying' through the air.

Hope you find time to enjoy this beautiful day.

Jennifer MacDonaldComment