And That's Week One!

Growing up in the White Mountains of NH, school always started after Labor Day.  As the days became noticeably shorter, the morning fog would grow thicker.  While afternoons would clear off and be warm, they were nothing like the oppressively warm afternoons we experienced this week!  The sweltering sunshine of the past week, certainly had many of us thinking about the lake and not about school!  Yet, the calendar declared it time to start our journey together, and that we did!

The first few weeks of school are all about establishing classroom climate and culture.  We spend an incredible amount of time practicing each and every step of our day.  We must commit time to this now, so that by the time the leaves start to fall, our school will be running smoothly and efficiently.  The children practiced taking out work rugs and art mats  to designate their own learning spaces.  They were given lessons in using general tools like markers and glue.  The children gave special attention to learning to carry trays from the shelves with two hands, and returning works to their designated spots.  The business of learning who we are and how we will work together consumed our days.

The children bounded through the doors last Monday full of energy and excitement for a new year.  They all wanted to learn everything at once. "Teacher Jen, can't you give me a lesson on my letters?"  That natural curiosity and love for learning is something that we must cherish and make the most of.  Teacher Meghan and I get to spend our time with children in what I think is the most exciting learning period of their lives!  They love learning and will gladly put in the work needed to master something new.  I can't wait to see where this joy and love takes us this year!

I hope that you all have a wonderful long weekend together.  It looks like a beauty.  Our family will be retreating to the White Mountains - celebrating the end of summer with those we love best.  Here is to a new school year!

Photo by Paulette Couture - Jefferson NH