Digging In!

This has been an especially warm September here in Central NH, we are among the fortunate to have AC in our building, but our gross motor play time out at the park has been steamy!  We won't complain though, because before we know it the thermometer will be hovering around zero and we'll be dreaming of theses hot and hazy September days.  

While it has been hot outside, our classroom has been a buzz with activity.  Each day finds children testing their comfort zones and trying new things.  We all arrived here in different spots.  Some of us don't even want to think about using a pair of scissors because the fine motor work involved is more than we can bear.  Others think they might be ready to start writing words and others believe that maybe this week they could try a new math work.  I believe that as long as each and every day children push themselves to try something new, then they are controlling their own learning, building skills and becoming intrinsically motivated, lifelong learners!  

Here is a small sampling from our week!

Free Choice Art

Letter Recognition and Bead Stringing

Living vs. Non Living:  Classifying Animals, People, and Machines

Learning about the Base Ten System.  Ones and Tens

Color Words, High Frequency Words and Handwriting

Classifying by Color

Number Recognition: Bead Stairs

Visual Discrimination: Red Rods

Pattern Blocks

Fine Motor Practice: Washing the Dinosuar

Addition Strip Board

Addition Equations

Number Formation and Handwriting: September Calendar

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