Quincy Bog -Rumney

The weather was just perfect for an outing to the Bog on Friday.  While the black flies are bad here at school - they were not bad at all at the Bog.  Perhaps all of those beautiful song birds that we could hear were busy feasting on the recent hatch of black flies!

The trip to Quincy Bog is just another beautiful example of what HCMA is all about.  The children learn at a very early age that school is fun and exciting and a place to explore and learn with all of your senses!  The children at HCMA believe that their day will be filled with fun and and that school is something to look forward to and not to dread.  Children at HCMA are given time to develop in appropriate ways.  School is not a race, but a journey.  We all learned to walk and talk at different times, and we will all become amazing readers and mathematicians in our own time.  In the meantime we will work on becoming good citizens and stewards of our natural world and excellent friends to our buddies!  While also strengthening and practicing our academic skills!

Each child was given a scavenger hunt sheet for the walk.  We stopped at one point and each child took their 8 1/2 x 11 sheet and placed it on the ground.  We took a few minutes of silence to look at was on the ground under our sheets.  We picked the most exciting things to share with the group.

Look at the 'fuzz' on these fiddle heads!

Drawing a sketch of the turtles out on a log in the water.

What lives in the water of the Bog?

According to the Joe Kent Trail guide, provided at Quincy Bog, a pair of Canada Geese have annually raised their young in the Bog.