Teacher Netta's Notes - Plant Journals

Hello HCMA families!

This week has begun and we are working at full force it seems with a new mini science unit on plants for the Pre-K kiddos.

On Monday morning we started off our exploration on plants by brainstorming what was already known about plants. Ideas came forth such as "they grow" and "they need water" which was such a wonderful start to the theme. 

I read a Frog and Toad story called "The Garden" which clearly identifies a few things plants need to grow. We pointed out these items and sang a new song about what plants need to grow! We've practiced it a few times over the last two days and will keep doing it for a little while. Ask your child if they remember any of it and can sing it for you!

I introduced the idea of making little greenhouses and that we would try growing some beans! As you have most likely seen already, we posted our mini greenhouses in the front window at school. So far we haven't seen much change, but I quizzed the kids today about what we have been missing the last two days and they didn't miss a beat! Our lack of sunlight is our theory of the lack of growth so hopefully we will have more sun over the next few days or else we might see mold growing instead! :)

Today I introduced to the Pre-K students their Plant Journals. I instructed them that we were to make observations by looking at what they see so far, drawing a picture of it, and thinking of a word that describes their beans. They all recorded their ideas in their journals and we will keep doing this as we (hopefully) see more growth occurring!

This is an exciting time to talk about plants and how they grow since the plants and trees outside have burst open with their green leaves as of late! So far the kids have really enjoyed watching their beans to see if anything has started growing and it'll be fun to keep track of it!

Hoping you all have a great end to your week and that you're enjoying the new green landscapes in Bristol like I am!