"He has blossomed from a shy little boy into the beginnings of a young little man"


It has been said that when something feels right, you know it will be the best fit.  And that has been my experience with HCMA. From the moment I sat and observed Teacher Jen with her kindergarten class, I was blown away.  The room was calm, yet the children had organized energy.  The beautiful space and the thoughtful selection of educational materials appealed to all of my senses. I knew this was a place that my child would grow, explore and learn in a manner that would be engaging and supportive.

As the first year of Pre-K comes to an end for my son, I am beyond thankful for his experience with HCMA. He has blossomed from a shy little boy into the beginnings of a young little man. The social interaction and experience of a multi-age setting has given my child the opportunity to learn from his peers while working on his interpersonal skills.  His confidence in his skills have grown tremendously and he is given just enough push outside of his comfort zones, at times, to stretch to that next level of achievement.

Teacher Jen and Teacher Netta are always preparing activities that are engaging and significant. They provide a well-rounded approach to learning.  Both teachers take the time to get to know each child on an individual basis and work with them one on one.  The transformation that my son has undergone, largely in part due to his time spent at HCMA, has been incredible. As a parent I like to think that I know what my child needs but there have been so many instances when I see or hear what the children at HCMA are working on and the light goes off in my head. I am not sure how the Teachers at HCMA do it – but they are nothing less than incredible.

This past winter I was thrilled to help out with the ski program that Teacher Jen coordinates on Fridays. One might imagine that it would be chaos helping to dress and guide 16 children from Pre-K to Grade 1 but it was not!  HCMA participates in weekly field trips on Fridays, and the children have learned quickly how to adapt to new places and spaces so well. HCMA children are well organized!  And it was a joyous moment watching each child grow in their skiing ability. I like to think that I am lucky to be part of HCMA as a parent!

I know one day my son’s chapter at HCMA will close, but a new chapter will open for my daughter HCMA in the near future. I encourage anyone with a child to take the time to stop in and chat with the teachers at HCMA. Take the time to watch the rhythms of the school day, to experience the light in each child’s eye as they learn new material or hone an old skill. Before I found HCMA, I felt lost in my search for the best educational opportunity for my son. And now, we feel like we have found home.

Thank you HCMA!

Jenne and Jason Walker