Teacher Netta's Notes - Eggs

Hello HCMA families! Thank goodness we have been seeing more spring-like weather this week so far! I'm crossing my fingers the warmer weather will stay!

In the classroom our spring theme is still being implemented. A new work that I taught the kids recently was a new Easter egg matching work! 

As can be seen in the pictures, this work requires the child to follow the pictured "directions" to make an egg that matched what was depicted. This work is trickier than it seems since the kids have to first make sense of which kind of piece of egg they need in the certain color---the top piece or the bottom piece.   I showed the kids how the top pieces are a little more pointy and longer and the bottom pieces have a different looking groove on it where the top piece fits when pushed together. It has been interesting to see how the kids solve this puzzle of which kind of pieces they need!

This work also requires fine motor skills. As an adult, I forget how easy it is for us to "click" Easter eggs together. As a young child however, fitting these two pieces together correctly and using enough finger strength to make them connect fully, is more of a challenge. As a result, this work provides practice for fine motor skills as well as color recognition and comparison skills.

So far this work has become a new favorite! Working with Easter eggs has proved to be a fun task for the kids! 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!