Reach for the Stars!

We are celebrating "Drop Everything and Read" this month by partnering with awarding winning children's publisher Usborne Books & More and offering a two-week reading challenge called Reach for the Stars!  The goal is to inspire children to read 30 minutes per day and reward them with books to keep them excited about reading and learning! Heart Centered Multi-Age will also receive Usborne Books for our classrooms!  Here is how it works:

With Reach for the Stars children read or are read to for 30 minutes per day for two weeks and collect pledges of support in any amount from family and friends.  In return, 50% of your child's individual pledges will come back to them in a voucher for Usborne Books at our book fair!  The other 50% comes back to Heart Centered Multi-Age in Usborne Books!  Together, 100% of all pledges come back in award-winning books!  

Important Dates:

Wednesday, April 1st - Carol the "Book Lady" came to school and presented take-home packets.

Weeks of April 6th and 13th - Record time spent reading in journal provided and collect pledges by sharing this fun, rewarding program with family, friends & co-workers.  

April 20th - Students return pledges and paperwork to school.

April 23rd - Book fair for all!  Vouchers equal to 50% of your pledges will be provided for your child to select their books.  An online e-fair is set up now so you can preview these great books and your child can create a wish list at

Many children at HCMA read for more than 30 minutes each day, but we start our day with a story - this story typically takes 15 minutes.  Every child will have gone home already reading 15 minutes during their day - one more story at bedtime and you are already at 30 minutes!  Have fun with this!  Usborne has a beautiful selection of books - books that you'll treasure adding to your in home library!

(Apologies to the SBS families with siblings - our book challenge has been in the works for several months and we were unaware that the two programs would have conflicting dates.)