Spring Almost!

 Heart Centered Multi-Age has been serving children in the Newfound Area for several years.  In the course of those years we have accumulated a weath of blog enteries that share the great news that is HCMA!  Starting this Thursday and for the remainder of the school year, we will share older enteries with you.  We hope you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Originally posted on April 3, 2013

I just love this poem for the month of March.  It is just so true!  We've had a few days when it felt like spring was finally upon us, but then before we knew it, it was mitten weather again!  This has made it a little tricky for our young students to choose the right clothing for the day.  Hats and mittens are still needed even though we have officially entered spring.  Yesterday's recess felt colder than some of the days in February.  As the wind blew across the field, we quickly realized it was still mitten weather! Perhaps it is knit glove weather. . .  but none the less still mitten weather.  Hopefully this is the very end, and another week or so will usher in some sensible weather!

Supplies needed for a week full of egg and Easter fun!

Non-standard measurement!  This was an excellent example of why we all need to measure with the same measurement tool.  Two partners would painstakingly measure each other and record their data to find out that the student who was visibly taller in real life was actually shorter than the other according to the egg data.  Posed with the question why?  The children realized that well, it depended what way you turned the egg when you were measuring.  A perfect illustration of why we use standard measurement!

Practicing syllable division.  Ask your child to show you the trick for determining syllable division.  It involves your hand and chin!

The children are doing an excellent job mastering the months of the year.  We work on this throughout the year.

Have you noticed Princess Bump addition on your child's work ticket. . .  Ohh a million times?  This is the game they have been playing.  We started playing with just two dice, but now we have moved on to three dice.  The children are doing a great job of using different math strategies for finding sums.  This child had pulled doubles together, 2 and 2 and then counted on.  They are so smart!

This child is sorting subtraction equations by their difference.  Are the equations equal to 6, less than 6, or greater than 6?  If the student desired, they could use gold coins to work out the equations.  

Fine motor control and practice.  Making strong hands for writing!  Always a favorite work.

The spring always brings with it new found confidence!  The children are becoming so confident and proud of their new abilities.  Their growth and love for learning never stops amazing me!  Have a wonderful week. . .  It is Spring Almost!!