December Fun!

Ah, the sun is setting on another Sunday afternoon!  I hope that your family had a wonderful, productive and merry weekend together. 

This is such a wonderful time of year in our classroom.  The children just love all of the seasonal and holiday work that fills our shelves and everyone is so excited!  The children have started pin punching little gingerbread men and decorating them. Expect your tree to have a family of gingerbread men hanging from its boughs (Perhaps long lost gingerbread cousins too).  This pin punching requires many skills in order to complete it.  First, you must make a 'zillion' tiny pin punches in a piece of paper to make the gingerbread man.  This requires tremendous concentration and fine motor skill.  Once the pin punching is done, you get to decorate the gingerbread man with little gems and pom poms. Deciding which items to put on the gingerbread man and how to apply the glue requires great focus.  However, the greatest skill used in this work might be patience.  There is only one gingerbread pin punching work on the shelf.  That means you must be patient and wait for it to be available.  Learning to be patient is a big deal when you are four and five. 

We have also been enjoying Grammie Carolyn's Thursday visits. This week she helped us think about costumes for the play and then showed us how to use plastic mesh to sew star ornaments for our Christmas Trees.  The children are always so excited to see Grammie Carolyn and find out what she has in her big teacher bag!



Jennifer MacDonaldComment