Slipping into Fall!

A midweek storm here has ushered in the official start to fall.  The week started out seasonably warm, but after a day of heavy rain, cool temperatures arrived.  However, the cool damp weather did not stop us from learning and exploring at Squam Lakes Science Center in Holderness.  The Science Center is a perpetual favorite of our children.  Many of the children visit the Science Center regularly with their families and find something new each time they are there.  On this visit, it was especially interesting to see the coyote and the red fox growing their beautiful winter coats.  Sometimes you visit the Science Center and find these friends looking a little shaggy as they are shedding, but not this time.  This time they looked wonderful.

A real hit of the day was the new nature based play structure that was been erected at the Center.  This is an amazing space for children to play and discover.  The children would have been happy to stay there all day. The Science Center is always wonderfully accommodating to us and we so enjoy having them as a resource for our children.  The Science Center volunteers who were feeding the otters took special care to make sure that all of our students had an opportunity to throw a fish to the frolicking otters!  It was a great day!

Jennifer MacDonaldComment