Antarctic Connection!

January is the heart of cold weather here in NH and is a perfect time to study Antarctica and polar regions! The children have been learning two new facts about Antarctica each day and making a collage of their learning around a world map. Did you know that there are volcanoes in Antarctica and lakes that are always frozen?  Did you know that we have two Antarctic travelers right in our midst?  It is true!  Bekka and Justin have both spent time researching in Antarctica,  in fact it is where they met!  Bekka came to school on Wednesday to share her love for Antarctica and a few interesting facts about this mysterious place!

The children were excited to share their knowledge with Bekka and hear about her adventures.  Bekka's sidekick did a wonderful job telling the story of when her Mom and Dad met!  The children were especially interested in Bekka's rock samples and maps.

A great big thank you to Bekka for taking time out of her schedule to visit and share her experiences with us!  HCMA parents are the best!