Butterfly Release 2014

We were proud parents last Wednesday morning when our last Painted Lady emerged from her chrysalis - her wings were still crinkled when we arrived, but she was able to quickly straighten them and was ready to be released by mid morning.

Wednesdays are also our library day, so it worked out just perfectly that we were able to take our "Ladies" with us to the library and release them in the butterfly garden.  While we were in the library, we set them in the sun so that they would be warm and full of energy for their debut!  

As soon as the crisp air hit their wings, the butterflies knew just what to do.  They were flittering through the blue sky, looking for the perfect blossom to call their own!

It has become tradition to start our year with Painted Ladies.  I love the complete metamorphosis that takes place and how we can compare that to the children's growth and change over the school year.  I can already see such growth in the children and we are only a month in.  Imagine what they'll be capable of in 9 short months!