Moved! 12 Central Square is Our New Home!

I know, I say this all the time, but it is true!  The HCMA family is amazing. Families that choose HCMA believe in our philosophy of teaching children to be kind, calm, and compassionate.  These families live these tenets in their daily lives.  They believe in being kind to others, putting others first, and never mind giving of themselves.  Without the compassionate families that make up the HCMA ranks, I would not be able to do what I do!  I am so very grateful to the families that came out to help move HCMA into its new and beautiful space!

One former HCMA parent commented that she helped with the day because, her daughter had a wonderful year at HCMA, "And it's great to think about so many more kiddos getting that as well."

Anyone who knows HCMA, also knew that Mrs. Sharp would be right there helping us out!  She mastered the art of the rental carpet cleaner and gave our carpets a fantastic cleaning - I couldn't believe the results!

At the end of the day our classroom was cleaned out.  The carpets were washed, the floors mopped, the windows cleaned, and the bathroom wiped down.  The place is ready to give another person's dream a go!  Who will move in next?  I hope it is someone with a unique and wonderful talent that will add vitality to our downtown! 

Our program does have a couple of remaining spots for the fall.  Give us a call at 340-4939 to find out more information.