There is a saying around my house "You get what you plant!"  I knew that the super creative, talented, and hardworking children that I get to spend my days with had terrific parents, but yesterday, at Build Day - well I saw them in action!  HCMA parents are AMAZING!

The Kelley Park Playground Build Day was a terrific community event.  We had young and old, police and fire, the handy and the not so handy (myself included) all coming together to put up this most amazing playground for Bristol's children!  It started at 6:30 when some of the planning and the cooking committee arrived to start preparations.  At 7:00 the contractors who had graciously donated their time, skills, and equipment,arrived to be get their directions from the Build Director.  By the time I arrived at 7:15 the day was well underway!

I cannot thank our HCMA parents, past and present, enough for  their dedication to this project.  From planning, to building, to cement pouring, to raking, they were there in the thick of it!  

Grandpa Sawicki - Class of '14

Mike Hayward  and Mike Broome - Class of '13

Krystal Alpers - Class of '14

Rick Alpers - Class of '14 

Jesse Brown & Craig Churchill - Class of '14

Casey Gordon - Class of '13


Casey Gordon & Mike Hayward - Class of '13

Selene Gordon - Class of '13

Jesse Brown - Class of '14 & Mike Hayward -Class of '13

Irivings - Class of '14

By 4:00 the equipment was all in and Police Chief Lewis was busy spreading the rest of the mulch.  By the time I left at 4:45 - the project looked pretty amazing!  We have to let the concrete harden until Wednesday, but oh what an amazing day that will be!