The Science Center in Spring!

Friday found us at one of our favorite places. The Squam Lakes Science Center! May 1st marks a true passage of time for the children.  Spring must be here - the trails at the Science Center are open!  After this long New England winter, it felt so nice to be outside and observe all the changes that are happening around us.  Changes that happen just once a year, and in a few short days will be gone until this time again next year.


We took the first right after the classroom building and headed up Mount Fayal. This side had a lot of leaf litter on the ground that made for some interesting fun going up!  We came down the other side of the hill which brings you past the old Piper Homestead.  This side was easier because there were more pine trees and less hardwoods resulting in less leaf litter to contend with.   

While the weather was a little dreary, it felt so good to meander through the woods and stretch our legs a bit.  We saw evidence of both deer and rabbits along our hike.  Exciting stuff!

After the hike we had our lunch and made plans to visit the animal; to see what had changed with the seasons.  The first big change presented itself right at the start of the trail with the coyote exhibit!  Very cool.  These children have spent a lot of time at the Science Center over the years and know the animals very well.  They were excited to see everyone doing well after the long winter.  Even the black bears were up and moving around!

It was a great day to be at the Center, no bugs to contend with - just perfect. A perfect time of year, that will only be with us a few moments more - the bugs, they are just around the corner!

Happy Spring and Mother's Day to All!

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