Garden Update

The lengthening days of February prompted Mrs. Sharp to dig out her seed catalogs - it wasn't long after that that she brought worms to school to start our own compost bin and the seed pots and trays arrived! 

Mrs. Sharp and her gardeners have been busy bees lately.  Planting tomatoes, repoting plants, starting basil, and composting.  

The children took these coleus cuttings in early February, and watched them set roots in water.  About a month ago they moved them into pots and put them under the grow light.

Planting basil.  Oh those tiny seeds!  Wonderful finemotor practice.

Mrs. Sharp started beans in a clear jar so that the children could watch the seed sprout.  These beans set roots and are off and thriving now transplanted into some soil!

Worm bin with a little new paper.