Remembering March

 Preparing to go to "Butterfly" at the Capitol Center in Concord.  Reviewing parts of an insect.  Head, thorax, and abdomen.  

Waiting for the show to begin.  Don't they look excited?  

Language Arts work. . .

Writing a comic for Piggie and Elephant.

Working on blends and short a words.

Learning letters and sounds.

Math Works. . .

Making ten snakes.  

Recognizing numbers 0-100 and counting to 100!

Princess Bump and addition game.

Team work, finding all of the odd numbers 1 - 100.

Recognizing digits 1-10


Making 10 with the number strip board.

Princess Bump




Strengthening hands while hanging eggs with tweezers.



Cutting work


Tracing and Labeling Parts of a tree.

Identifying the parts of a penguin.

I am feeling very neglectful of late, neglectful of this space.  For so long this blog has been a constant biweekly connection for the going ons in our classroom and our families.  Earlier this year, I decided I needed to simplify a few parts of my life; one of those simplifications had to deal with the uploading of pictures.  It is easy enough to upload pictures to the Square Space platform, but the version that I use is rather cumbersome when it comes to imbedding the pictures into the post.  I have to add one picture at time.  I found that uploading to Facebook was much quicker, and gave parents an immediate snap shot of what was going on in the classroom.  However, just like everything with Facebook, the pictures remain, but the words behind them are lost.  I would quickly add pictures, but not set aside time to craft a blog post.   

I have to find a moderation in blogging.  Perhaps previously I have devoted too much time - but now I feel I have fallen behind a bit.  Perhaps it is my camera and its bothersome nature of late.  It is time to upgrade.  Or perhaps it is that I have a first grader at home who now has homework of her own and an active after school schedule.  Perhaps it is just life.  So for all the readers that might be new to this space, I have collected a few posts from prior Marches.  Many of the activities and work remain the same from March to March.  The children grow, move on, and say good bye, but the activities that we do in March often remain the same.  

As I try to find my perfect technology medium, please enjoy these notes from March of yesteryear.