Teacher Netta's Notes - Preparations

As Christmas is quickly approaching, we are gearing up and making ornaments to decorate our school Christmas tree! I introduced the first Christmas ornament today which is a candy cane made out of a pipe cleaner and some red and white beads. 

This activity was a hit right off the bat after I taught the kids how to make their own candy cane. We even had to make a list of who goes first, who goes next, etc. since everyone wanted to do it first! 

This craft looks pretty simple and easy but especially for the Pre Kindergarten kiddos, it really practices and helps strengthen their fine motor skills. After folding part of the pipe cleaner on the bottom to make it thicker so beads didn't fall off, the students had to hold the pipe cleaner with one hand and thread the beads on the pipe cleaner with their fingers of the other hand. I emphasized the idea that candy canes are usually striped with the colors of red and white around Christmas time, which also shows a pattern, and we wanted our candy canes to look like the real ones! I did notice a few times a student forgot to switch colors and for example, had two reds on top of each other. Here, they had the challenge of taking off beads they had already threaded and carefully putting them back into the given bowls so they didn't get lost on the floor. 

On the 21st of December, our last day of school before Christmas break, the kids will be able to take their ornaments home and add them to the family Christmas tree if your family has one! Both the kids and I are very excited to see more and more ornaments adorning our tree at school and we are looking forward to seeing more each day! Take a quick look in our school window at the tree and over the next few weeks it will really come to life!