Teacher Netta's Notes

I have decided to implement a "letter of the week" type of curriculum except we will focus on two letters for two weeks. By doing a letter of the week curriculum, it lets us focus on two letters at a time, instead of all 26. For some kids, it is just the beginning of learning their letters and as a result, this is a great way to learn and practice their letter names, letter sounds, and letter recognition. For some students, they already know their letter names and sounds which is great! But practicing these aspects will reinforce their knowledge of literacy so they can transition into reading and writing. Also, I have introduced tracing and writing the letters so those students who have already mastered letter names and sounds have the opportunity to practice their writing skills and how letters are formed.


During the last two weeks of Pre-Kindergarten, we have been focusing on learning and practicing the letters A and B. This work as seen in the picture challenges students to identify and find certain letters within a whole slew of different letters. The child in this picture has the letter "A" sheet and she has to find all the uppercase AND lowercase "a's" and place a rock on top of the letter. This work helps children recognize what the letters look like being able to identify them is an early literacy skill. 


You may see other works heading home. Another work I have added is a painting work where the student has to use a q-tip to make dots on a page (great fine motor practice!) which makes up a certain letter. This work helps the child understand how a letter is formed and is a gateway to writing their letter.


I have also set out a tracing work for the two letters of the week where the child can practice writing their letter. 


By the end of the letter of the week curriculum, each student will also have an ABC art book with each page spelling out directions for an art related activity. For example, letter B says "B is for blue block stamping". On this page, each child used a Lego to stamp their page in any picture or design they desired. 


These next two weeks we are working on the letters C and D! We will keep working on our letters and new activities to reinforce these skills will be continuously added. The possibilities and endless!


Jennifer MacDonaldComment